Ir Drugs And Doses

Ir Drugs And Doses

Ir Drugs And Doses

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Interventional Radiology Drugs and Doses provides practical information on pharmacological agents used by interventional radiologists in everyday clinical practice. Prepared by experienced practitioners who are members of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE), it is intended to serve as a handy guide for physicians, medical trainees and medical students alike.

The content covers the essentials of over 60 commonly-encountered agents, divided into eight main categories (Cardiovascular, Contrast, Embolic/thrombotic agents, GI-hepatic-pancreatic, Infection control, Oncology, Pain Management, and Haematologic). The individual entries provide a brief summary of the agent’s pharmacological properties, indications and contraindications; outline the agent’s proper administration; and, where applicable, specify available reversal agents.

Concise but informative, Interventional Radiology Drugs and Doses is a user-friendly reference tool for medical practitioners, trainees and students interested in the field of interventional radiology.